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Why You Want These Sneakers

Almost every sneaker you purchase in America comes from China or some other Asian country where labor and materials are cheap. That's a simple fact. They're produced in huge factories on massive automated machinery.  They're made of inferior Asian-sourced materials.  And they're manufactured with toxic chemicals, glues and artificial rubber cement.

That's not us.

Backyard footwear is made in our own European factory by hand. In fact 22 pairs of hands touch each one of our sneakers during production.  Our canvas is 100% European-sourced. Our leather is from Italy. Our rubber comes from actual rubber trees. Real people hand-stitch the canvas components together at real sewing machines. And we never use glue to connect the upper to the sole.  

We still use the same simple machines and the same vulcanizing ovens from the 1970s.

The key is small-batch manufacturing and vulcanization.

Vulcanization is a term that has been misused in the footwear world. Many manufacturers claim to use it. True vulcanization occurs when you actually melt the sole directly to the upper in ovens.  It is a tedious, expensive process.  But it produces fantastic sneakers. Our ovens get to a perfect temperature of 338 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Two very important things occur when you vulcanize a sneaker:

1) The rubber sole is melted directly onto the canvas upper.  This means that the sneaker becomes one single unit and it can never come apart.  You can bend our sneakers in half or twist them around and they will never crack or tear. Our sneakers are built to last.

2) At temps of 338 degrees the fibers in the rubber sole actually begin to loosen and become more bendable. This creates a flexible sole that bends easily with your foot's natural movement and provides unmatched comfort. 

You will see difference immediately and the proof of real vulcanization exists on each of our shoes.

Look closely and you can see the remnants of melted rubber where the sole touches the canvas:



Then turn the sneaker over and look at the bottom. You will see where the final pieces of excess melted rubber were hand-cut from the sneaker. 

But what's most important is that you will FEEL THE DIFFERENCE. Backyard footwear is the most lightweight, durable, comfortable, flexible sneaker you will ever own.



Oh yeah. The obligatory smash hit music video was made featuring our sneakers: